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B.Sc. Dialysis Technology


B.Sc in Allied Health Science with Specializations in Dialysis Technology is an undergraduate program from Jain (Deemed-to-be) University. Dialysis technologist also plays an innovative role in Human Organ Transplantations as a Transplant Coordinator. It is now widely recognized that health service delivery is a team effort involving both clinicians and non-clinicians, and is not the sole duty of physicians and nurses. Professionals that can competently handle sophisticated machinery and advanced protocols are now in high demand. In fact, diagnosis is now so dependent on technology, that allied and healthcare professionals (AHPs) are vital to successful treatment delivery. Effective delivery of healthcare services depends largely on the nature of education, training and appropriate orientation towards community health of all categories of health personnel, and their capacity to function as an integrated team. So Dialysis Technology takes a key part in Kidney care and it is a procedure to keep the body running as normal as possible while the kidneys are under repair or while a person waits for a kidney transplant.

Program Outcome

  • Demonstrate understanding of basic sciences relevant to the speciality.
  • Acquire detailed knowledge about the fundamentals and advances of the respective speciality.
  • Update knowledge by self-study and by attending courses, conferences and seminars relevant to the speciality.
  • Undertake audit, use the information and assist to carry out research both basic and professional with the aim of publishing or presenting the work at various scientific gatherings.
  • Demonstrate knowledge about Renal Failure (ARF & CRF) and its management.
  • Demonstrate pre-dialysis patient assessment.
  • Demonstrate dialyzer extracorporeal blood circuit priming and setting up the machine for dialysis procedure.
  • Demonstrate aseptic cannulation of AVF/AVG and dialysis initiation.
  • Demonstrate aseptic acute vascular access catheter care and dialysis initiation.
  • Demonstrate alarm processing, continuous monitoring of patient and machine during procedure. Demonstrate aseptic decannulation and catheter care after the termination of dialysis.
  • Demonstrate meticulous infection control measures. Operate and maintain R.O Water treatment plant.
  • Demonstrate machine disinfection methods.
  • Demonstrate dialysis machine maintenance methods.
  • Demonstrate dialyzer reprocessing, both manual and automated (Operating RENATRON, INTERFACE Module & RENALOG-RM software).
  • Demonstrate polite and strategic communication skills, grooming skills, professional etiquettes and leadership qualities.

Career Prospects

  • Nephrologist Technician
  • Clinical Coordinator
  • Lab Technician
  • Dialysis Therapist
  • Dialysis Assistant
  • Dialysis Nurse
  • Renal Program Admission Coordinator
  • Dialysis Technician
  • Renal Nurse
  • Nurse Infection Control
  • Medical Technician
  • Lecturer/ Professor