B.Sc Nuclear Medicine Technology


B.Sc in Nuclear Medicine Technology is an undergraduate program from Jain (Deemed-to-be) University. Nuclear medicine technology is a clinical speciality that uses radioactive technology and radioactive substances in the diagnosis and treatment of ailments. Nuclear Medicine Technicians support physicians or other professional nuclear medicine personnel in the diagnosis, care, and treatment of patients and for research and investigation into the uses of radioactive drugs. They can also act as emergency responders in the case of a nuclear disaster.

Program Outcome

  • To deliver interdisciplinary knowledge to the students which helps them to understand the concepts and practical methods in Nuclear Medicine.
  • To embrace specialised training in the areas of nuclear medicine instrumentation, nuclear imaging, radiopharmacy, radiation protection and research methodology.
  • To develop the knowledge of effort as allied health professionals and also be able to advance their career in teaching and research.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in providing patient care.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of radiation safety precautions and ALARA concepts.
  • Demonstrate recognition of, and adherence to, ethical and professional responsibilities.
  • Perform nuclear medicine imaging procedures according to program and/or departmental protocol using scientific knowledge and skills in scientific reasoning.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in obtaining a relevant patient history.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of various radiopharmaceuticals and their uses in nuclear medicine imaging.
  • Demonstrate knowledge, understanding, and appropriate uses of instrumentation used in a nuclear medicine department.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of quality control procedures for instrumentation used in nuclear medicine.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of radiation therapy procedures used in nuclear medicine.

Elligibility Creteria

50% 10+2 from PUC/ICSE/CBS/ A Level/ US 12th Grade in Physics, Chemistry, and either Biology or Maths, and pass in English/ IB 30 Credits

Career Prospects

  • Radiologist
  • Research Assistant
  • Associate and Lab Leader
  • Professor
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist